MicroBike is the only existing foldable bike convenient to use in combination with city public transport. A use were you have to fold and unfold several times, handle the folded bike onboard a bus, tram or subway and still enjoy the travel.

Is now the time to start producing MicroBike again?

The purpose of this web page is to determine whether you want a MicroBike and would enjoy using it in your short travel needs. I hope you enjoy learning about MicroBike and then are willing to let me know your interest for a Relaunch.

MicroBike Background

The idea occurred 1986 on a tram station in Gothenburg, Sweden. I needed something to take along on the bus and tram to reduce walking time to the bus station and, at the end, from the station to my work. Sometimes the bus arrived just after the connecting tram left and 10-15 minutes of waiting time troubled me. At first my intention was to just buy one of the existing foldable bikes. Soon I determined some major design weaknesses with those in my intended use:

  • Wrong shape when folded. Moving around in a bus or tram with an object broad and wide is difficult. When it’s crowded – impossible.
  • To heavy when folded. Hard to carry without getting soiled from dirt on the bike.
  • To long folding and unfolding time. Even 30-45 seconds are too much. Arriving to the bus station when the bus arrives and not be able to get onboard fast enough will result in missing the bus.
  • No luggage carrying possibility. Often you have something to transport along with you.

This understanding resulted in a requirement specification that we fulfilled with the existing design.

MicroBike data:

Size folded lwh: 0.30m 0.45m 1.00m  lwh: 0.98' 1.48' 3.28'
Weight 10,5kg 23lbs
Folding time 5 sec 5 sec
Unfolding time 3 sec 3 sec
Biking speed 16-25 km/h 8-18 mph
Gears 2-3 2-3

Frame of aluminum with six joints to fold the frame. Transmission by cog belt. Wheel size 12.5 in. Attachable luggage carrier and luggage hook. Reflexes and battery lights.

MicroBike was produced in Sweden between 1988 and 1993. 16 000 bikes were sold. The price at the end was SEK 3800, USD 560.