The shape when folded is very important. On a crowded bus, standing close to fellow passengers, it is easy to keep the Bike close to my body without any disturbance to other passengers. Most people around does not even notice that I have a bicycle (and helmet) with me. All parts of the bike above the wheels are clean and the wheels are always down to the floor.

Trångt ombord 3o4X2

Rest position

The luggage hook also serves as a hanger for the bike. Usualy there are several handrails possible to use.


This is just great! This makes me a happy bus traveller!

Even the most narrow seats of the old Gothenburg trams are possible to use, still with no disturbance to other passangers.








Those small wheels, isn´t it hard to get a reasonable speed?

No, the gear hub and the transmission give a speed comparable to regular bikes. And, the adequate comparison is towards walking. A regular bike is impossible to bring along on the bus, in the restaurant or at the cinema for example. 







Even a fairly large bag is easy to bring along on the luggage hook. When MicroBike is folded the luggage can stay on and be strolled on the folded bike. Only when walking in steps the Bike has to be carried.








Folding speed is one key feature of MicroBike. It folds in five seconds and unfolds in three seconds.