Human behavior

In 1986 when we designed MicroBike we were convinced that there will be several help devices developed for use in combination with public transport. All public transports are dependent on fixed stopping places to pick up and let passengers off. Unless you live next to the stopping place there is always a time consuming walking distance connected to the travel. Now when it´s possible to design smart low weight personal vehicles, this will be the future. The transportation companies will promote and facilitate this evolution since it expands the possible take up area for passengers around every stopping place.

MicroBike on the tram -87At the time, there was no one using any personal vehicle to bring along on bus, tram or subway/underground. To some extent there were bicycles, foldable and rigid, used in combination with train, depending on local rules. But the behavior to bring a foldable bicycle onboard the bus/tram/sub did not exist. We assumed that this was depending on the lack of good technical solutions. So, we started production and were determined that this type of intense use of a foldable bike will develop now when at least one suitable solution exist.

In 1992 when we had produced and sold 16 000 MicroBikes we concluded that the smallest amount were sold for use as its original purpose. Although all of our marketing activities included public transport use. Every other use (boat, caravan, car, gadget) were more frequent. Why?

MicroBike couponMy conclusion is that the behavior was too different for most people at that time. To differ that much from regularity is not comfortable for the average person. Then there is two possibilities, either, be persistent and assiduous and sell enough bikes so that the behavior becomes common, or, await a change in spirit of the age. Our bank died in 1992 so there was no persistence. The question now, 20 years later, is:

Have spirit of the time changed?


Your opinion

Would you feel comfortable using MicroBike and the behavior that comes with it, in combination with public transport?

Please study the clips showing the combination use with city bus and consider carefully. Please mail me your opinions.



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